Weekly Schedule for Interns

The internship at KU is designed to meet the most stringent hour requirements of any state board of psychology. In order to provide a 2000 hour internship without restricting the vacation allowed interns as full-time university professional staff, interns' weekly schedule during the academic semesters is 40 hours. A minimum of 500 hours (out of the 2000 total hours) must be direct client contact (i.e., initial assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, triage, urgent care and urgent care follow-up sessions).
Guideline for Weekly Allocation of Interns' Hours
Direct Client SessionsHours
Initial Assessments (intake)2.0
Individual Therapy14.0
Triage Block(for screening and urgent care sessions)2.0
Group Therapy1.5
Total Direct Client Sessions19.5


Other Direct Client SessionsHours
Clinical Supervision of Practicum Student1.0
Provision of Outreach Services and/or supervision of Mental Health Peer Educators1.0
Preparation for Supervision2.0
Case management, Records, and Other Activities3.0
Total Other Direct Client Service7.0


Individual Supervision ReceivedHours
Individual Supervision  w/Primary Supervisor2.0
Individual Supervision Re: Group0.5
Individual Supervision w/ Secondary Supervisor1.0
Group Supervision Received 
Group Supervision of Supervision2.5
Group Supervision of Outreach1.0
Total Supervision Activity7.0


Other Training ActivitiesHours
Intern Meeting1.0
Assessment  & Evaluation Seminar1.5
Clinical, Multicultural, Professional Issues Seminar2.0
Case Consultation Seminar1.0
Preparation for Seminars, Other Activity1.0
Total Other Training6.5