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JED Campus

JED Campus at the University of Kansas

The University of Kansas has partnered with The Jed Foundation, a leading nonprofit dedicated to supporting and protecting student mental health, to enhance existing initiatives underway at the University of Kansas to increase awareness, connection and the use of available mental health and well-being resources. 

The University of Kansas is actively participating in JED Campus, the signature four-year program of The Jed Foundation, to receive guidance on comprehensive systems, programs and policy development. JED Campus is a nationwide initiative of The Jed Foundation designed to help colleges and universities enhance emotional well-being and mental health promotion efforts, reduce substance abuse, and prevent suicide among students.

JED campus seal

Why JED?

  • Formally establish a baseline of where our faculty, staff and students are in relation to mental health and well-being programming, resources and care options
  • Foster a connected university community that openly supports the mental health and well-being of peers and colleagues
  • Create consistency across the university through collaborative responses and policies related to prevention, awareness and crisis mitigation

Healthy Minds Study

As part of the multi-year JED Campus program, KU is also participating in the Healthy Minds Study.  The anonymous student response data received through this survey helps provide a baseline for understanding the perceptions, awareness levels and ongoing needs of our university community — as a whole — as we take the next steps in supporting mental health and well-being across the KU campus.

This image depicts the "JED Strategy Wheel," which outlines a comprehensive approach to mental health promotion and suicide prevention for colleges and universities. The wheel consists of seven stages that include equitable implementation, developing and promoting social life skills and connectedness, restricting access to potentially lethal means, identifying students at risk, following crisis management procedures, increasing help-seeking behavior, and providing mental health and substance misuse services

Program Timeline

  1. Fall 2023: Prep work for launch of JED Campus in Spring of 2024.
  2. Jan/Feb 2024: Selection and appointment of JED Campus Team
  3. March 2024: Initial meeting and charge of JED Campus Team
  4. April 2024: Formal launch and announcement of KU as a JED Campus
    1. Conduct Healthy Minds Study
  5. September 2024: JED Campus Visit – Dates TBD

JED Campus Team

  • Rachel Auten, Director for Student Support and Case Management
  • Liz Barton, Faculty Affairs Communication Manager
  • Angeline Bottera, CARE Lab Associate Director 
  • Jordan Brandt, Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Chris Corbett, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
  • James Druen, Deputy Chief for the KU Police Department
  • DaNae Estabine, Student Body Vice President
  • Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Heidi Garcia, Director of the Health Education Resource Office
  • Dannah Hartley, Associate Director for Jayhawk Academic Advising
  • Ellen Herman, Director of Watkins Health Services
  • Angela Karlin, Assistant Vice Provost for Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Roberta Pokphanh, Associate Vice Provost for International Administration, Student Success, and DEIB
  • Andrew Shoemaker, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Success
  • Ric Steele, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
  • Melissa Stewart, Director for Student Conduct and Community Standards
  • Jeff Stolz, Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Human Resource Management
  • Jennifer Wamelink, Associate Vice Provost
  • Sarah Waters, Director of KU Student Housing
  • Richard Yi, Director of the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment
  • Laurie Wesely, Clinical Director of Counseling and Psychological Services