Intern Progress Evaluation

At the beginning of the internship experience interns are asked to identify in writing their goals, within the framework of expectations of the program, and to share these with the Training Director and appropriate supervisors. As the internship progresses, routine communication and exchange of evaluative information between supervisors and interns is expected.

The senior staff meets to review interns’ progress in October, January and June. These review meetings also provide an opportunity to adjust goals and to identify and address any areas of concern. The October review results in informal, verbal feedback to each intern communicated by supervisors and/or by the Training Director. Formal written feedback, relative to their goals and those of the training program, is given following the review meeting in January and again in June as the internship year nears its end, with opportunity for intern response. In addition, the Training Director meets individually with interns in November and again near the end of their internship to provide feedback about overall progress and to solicit interns’ feedback about the program. It is stated regularly to interns that timely communication about any needs, concerns or problems they may experience is strongly encouraged, and that a meeting with the Training Director, a supervisor or any other staff member will be arranged at any time upon request.

Academic Training Directors may be contacted any time during the internship if difficulties or concerns arise about their students. They receive written confirmation of progress at the mid-year point and at the end of the internship year. Our policy is that we do not complete additional forms or evaluations, nor do we sign additional contracts or agreements that may be requested or required by academic training programs. Our program is APA accredited and, as such, has an extensive evaluation process in place. We are able to provide copies of the written evaluations to academic departments upon request.