Assessment Services @ CAPS

CAPS provides both Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder and Diagnostic Clarification assessment services. CAPS does NOT currently provide assessments for Autism. 

Who can receive assessment services @ CAPS?

To be eligible for psychological assessment at CAPS, you must be enrolled as a student at KU, actively engaged in therapy services with a CAPS clinician. 

How much does it cost?

Psychological Assessments are billed at $50 per hour for both direct (in person testing) and indirect (scoring and report writing) time, with an average of 8 billed hours per administered battery.

Who will perform the assessment?

Psychological Assessments are performed by Psychology Trainee’s under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist.

How do I signup? 

If you are interested in a psychological assessment at CAPS and are already a client, please discuss your concerns with you treating clinician who will determine if an assessment is needed. If you are not a current CAPS client, please schedule an Initial Consultation through the CAPS portal to discuss ongoing treatment and potential for assessment needs. If you have questions about assessments, please feel free to contact us at 785-864-2277.