How much does this service cost?

Fees apply to currently enrolled KU students who have paid the CAPS required campus fee. Clients will be billed for appointments missed or not canceled 24 hours in advance. Billing is done through Watkins Health Services Business Office. Insurance will be billed upon request. If there is a concern regarding fees please consult with CAPS.

More Information

Failure to keep an appointment or to give 24 hours’ notice for a cancellation will result in charges being applied.You will be billed the customary charge for any appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, we reserve the right to cancel that appointment and charge you for a missed appointment. You are welcome to reschedule another appointment.Text message appointment reminders are provided as a courtesy. You are responsible for appointments you schedule, regardless of receiving a text message or not.

CAPS charges are billed through the Watkins Health Services Business Office, and you may view your billing on the Watkins Health Services portal. You will receive a statement of CAPS charges along with any Watkins Health Services charges you may have. This statement will be sent to the address you have designated with Watkins Health Services. If you have not paid the required campus fee for CAPS, you will be billed this amount (usually after your first session). This is a one-time fee that gives you access to CAPS services for the semester.

If you want your bill to be submitted to your insurance company, please contact Watkins Health Services Billing Office (located on the first floor). You will need to complete and submit an Insurance Information form and signed release of information form. CAPS is not a participating provider in every insurance plan and insurance plans vary greatly so it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to see if your plan will cover the costs of care. Because our resources are limited and our fees are low, CAPS does not pre-certify services. CAPS does not accept Medicaid, Medicare, or insurances that are underwritten by companies outside the U.S. You are responsible for all charges whether your insurance company pays or not.

When billing for services, most insurance companies require us to provide them with your dates of service, diagnoses, and sometimes case notes or other records. Be aware that your insurance company will send a notice of payment to you or to the person who is the primary insured, for example a parent or a spouse.

Type of SessionCost
Jayhawk Check-Ins (First appointment at CAPS)FREE
Urgent (30 minutes)FREE
Group Sessions (1.5 hours)FREE
Workshop (includes four 1 hour sessions)FREE
Ongoing Individual (50-60 minutes)$15.00
Psychiatric Evaluation (1.5 hours)$40.00
Psychiatric Follow-up (30 minutes)$25.00
Assessment Services$50hr (max $400)