Comments from Former Interns

“The best parts of my experience at CAPS: flexibility in pursuing interests; making our own schedule; lots of individual work; good supervision; great benefits working for the university; no session limits (amazing!); excellent professional development consultation and support.”

“I enjoyed my training experience at CAPS. I was treated as a professional and felt that this internship prepared me well for my current position in a university counseling center."

“CAPS is a very valuable experience that delivered what was promised – great clinical experience, dedicated staff, high quality supervision, great outreach and consultation experience, and an investment in helping you secure your long-term goals.”

“KU CAPS will provide plenty of opportunities for interns to develop professional identity.”

“This site is student-centered. If you have an interest they will try and make sure those interests are continued in your training. Also, you will be challenged, if you are missing something from your training this will be offered to you.”

"Overall, my internship at KU was a VERY POSITIVE experience. I felt very much like I belonged, my questions were addressed in a timely and helpful manner, and the senior staff were open and available to me. The continued support and encouragement from CAPS staff have been very valuable as I've continued seeking suitable employment."

"CAPS internship is a great opportunity to expand your skills as a psychologist within a multidisciplinary setting that is a safe, friendly learning environment."

"CAPS provides a high quality internship experience. The professional staff at CAPS is dedicated to training and it shows in all their interactions with interns. In addition to the general training provided, I was encouraged and supported in developing an area of interest."

"This was a wonderful experience! I feel like a really grew up here and now go out with confidence as a professional."

"The clients using CAPS services presented surprising diversity in age, culture and presenting issues. I appreciated this diversity. I also appreciated the coordination of care with the staff psychiatrist and Watkins Health Center physicians and staff."

“The campus is beautiful and is located in a strong community."