Eligibility for Services

For teletherapy, you must be in the state of Kansas for each appointment as CAPS therapists and psychiatrists are only licensed to practice in the state of Kansas.

  • All KU students who are currently enrolled and have paid the full health fee for the semester in which services are sought are eligible for CAPS services.
  • If a student is enrolled part time, the student will be billed for the remainder of the health fee and then be eligible for CAPS psychological services.
  • If a student is not enrolled during the Summer term but was enrolled in the previous Spring semester and is enrolled in the upcoming Fall semester, the student is still considered to be a KU student and can be eligible for CAPS services by paying the Summer health fee.

Based upon your needs, your practitioner may help identify alternative resources on campus or in the community. If you are in crisis, CAPS will see you, regardless of your eligibility for services, and will work with you to find a practitioner. 

After graduation:

If the student has graduated (considered a non-student) and was a CAPS client at the time of graduation, they may be seen at the Non-Health Fee Rates. Fee for psychologists and social workers is $30 per session; psychiatry time is $35 for Brief Visit and $75 for Extended Visit. Eligibility extends for one semester following graduation. This option is available to allow CAPS clients who have graduated time to relocate and applies only to graduates who were CAPS clients during the previous semester. New services cannot be initiated.

Under 18 years of age:

To offer mental health services, CAPS requires written authorization for treatment. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian’s authorization is required to sign for you to be seen beyond the initial visit.

If you are under 18, we have forms that both you and your parent/legal guardian will need to sign and have notarized. These forms can be picked up from the CAPS office or downloaded from the CAPS Portal.