Referral for an Evaluation

  1. Psychiatry services are offered exclusively to KU students who are active clients engaged in therapy at CAPS. If student status changes, or you complete therapy but still need psychiatric services, your therapist and psychiatrist will work with you to ensure continuity of psychiatric care.
  2. Prior to meeting with a psychiatrist your therapist will refer you to Watkins Student Health Services (WHS) to complete a CAPS physical, which includes lab work.  Some WHS charges may apply for lab tests. If you prefer, the physical/labs may be completed by your private physician (please ask for a list of necessary labs). The results of this exam will provide the psychiatrist with medical information relevant to your psychiatric evaluation.  If you have had a physical and labs in the last 6 months, please advise your therapist and obtain these records for your chart at CAPS. The psychiatrist will determine if the exam is adequate to proceed with the psychiatric evaluation.
  3. If you have received prior psychiatric care and/or have been treated with medication for a mental health condition, please have associated treatment records sent to CAPS before referral for psychiatric evaluation.
  4. When we have received the results of the CAPS physical, one of our Administrative Associates will call you to schedule a Psychiatric Evaluation appointment, which is typically around 90 minutes. Occasionally, the psychiatrist may request an additional appointment to complete the evaluation.  Once the evaluation is complete, most psychiatric appointments will be brief visits of about 20 minutes.
  5. The psychiatrist will discuss the evaluation with you and will provide treatment recommendations, which may include options for medication.  You will be informed of anticipated benefit, potential side effects, alternatives and clear instruction on how to take the medication. It is always your choice to accept or decline your provider’s recommendation. We strive to explain findings and recommendations clearly and encourage you to be sure you’ve received satisfactory answers to all questions and concerns.
  6. It is very important to attend all scheduled appointments. The psychiatrist will schedule follow up visits based on the type of monitoring you require and your supply of medication; if you miss an appointment there may be a delay to the next available appointment and possible disruption in care. If the psychiatrist has instructed you to call for a prescription refill, please call at least 5 days prior to the date you need the refill. Please remember, prescriptions are normally managed during an appointment and CAPS does not respond to refill requests from pharmacies. We need to hear directly from you for all requests/concerns.
  7. The fee is $40 for each Psychiatric Evaluation appointment(s). The fee for follow up visits is $25. Late cancellations (less than 24 hours) and missed appointments are charged the same fee as the scheduled appointment.

We are committed to providing excellent psychiatric care in a welcoming environment centered on respect, cultural sensitivity, inclusiveness, and support. You are encouraged to be an active participant in the creation and monitoring of your treatment plan, and always have the right to request clarification on any aspect of your care. Thank you for choosing CAPS.

Revised September 2022

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