Mission of the Training Program

The mission of the CAPS psychology internship training program is to assist in the development of generalist practitioners in the profession of psychology. We believe that the opportunity afforded by our multidisciplinary service agency on the campus of a large university lends itself especially well to the training of generalists who can integrate a number of professional activities influenced by a variety of perspectives. These perspectives are fostered by staff members' backgrounds in psychology, social work, family systems, psychiatry, and research.

To facilitate their professional development, interns are expected to:

  • Provide clinical service to adult students (primarily ages 18-35) in the treatment of mild to moderate pathology.
  • Provide assistance with developmental concerns, including career issues.
  • Provide preventive psycho-education to the campus community.
  • Contribute to the profession through clinical supervision and mentoring of psychologists-in-training at the practicum level.
  • Provide consultation to the campus community.
  • Establish a professional identity and working relationships with clients and other professionals guided by professional ethics, adequate legal awareness and sound professional judgment.
  • Apply a scientific attitude of critical thinking in the conduct of psychological practice.
  • Develop an ability to understand and apply theory and research findings to clinical practice.

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