Drop in presentations

KU Counseling and Psychological Services is facilitating virtual, psych-educational, drop- in programming via Zoom for the KU community. These presentations are focused on helping students to cope and thrive during this transitional time. Any student can attend any presentation via the Zoom links provided below for a 60 minute presentation that focuses on coping and skill building.

Presentations do not provide mental health treatment nor do they constitute a professional therapeutic relationship. If you would like to speak with a therapist, call us at 784-864-2277. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact 911 or an emergency mental health service in your local community.

Please click on the link at the appointed time and you will be able to join the group. Return as many times as you like. No registration or RSVP is required.

Guided Meditation

Fridays at 11am through July 17, 2020


Focus on a variety of skills aimed at reducing anxiety, applying the practice of mindfulness, and how to ground themselves in the here-and-now by implementing the skills of Body Scans, Mindful Breathing, and 5-Senses Grounding Techniques, in addition to a general introduction to Formal Meditation practices.



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